It’s raining, it’s pouring, and I’m really really wet

After a hearty four hour study session with classmates on our “religious environment of the early Christians” class, we decided it would be advantageous of us to get rides back to our apartments because it is freaking pouring rain outside… yes there was thunder, and there was even lightening. Meanwhile, dinner is to be served at Alpha Gamma Omega, the Christian fraternity down the street of which one of my classmates belong. Dinner? Build Your Own Burrito. Yes please. Un Problema… the street has now turned into a river. Pero, es no problema… we will wade it. And that we do. Four of us treck across the Landfair River, allowing ourselves to be thoroughly soaked… to the point of dripping, and then enter the dining hall of AGO (pretend those are greek letters). This is my first time at the Christian fraternity, or at that rate… any fraternity. The bell was rung, people came, we prayed, and we got in a buffet line to make our burritos (hi I’m seeing a lot of resemblence to camp right own). Sat down at tables and had fantastic conversations about REI, Las Vegas, The Wedding Singer, and how much we don’t want to take our incredibly hard final tomorrow. After a delicious burrito that was incredibly ginormous, we were served strawberry ice cream pie and that in and of itself was absolutely amazing. Yes, amazing. Now I have just finished my story. I’m still soaked, and basically the purpose of writing this entry was to procrastinate the inevitable study session that is going to happen….. now. Yes, I know you are laughing at the ridiculousness of the entry, but hey… sometimes you just gotta write pointless things ok? Ok. Off to stare at words for a really long time. P.S. Did you know that a guy named Nero started the persecutions of the early Christian church in Rome? He blamed them for the fire that took place in Rome in AD64… Thus a long hatred began in Rome…


4 Replies to “It’s raining, it’s pouring, and I’m really really wet”

  1. wow Cait…
    Nero was under the guidance of evil counselors (According to my history text), called Christianity supersititious, set Rome on fire in AD 64 and blamed it on the Christians which led to the major persecutions of Christians including the martyrdom of Paul and Peter during this time period. Nero committed suicide. What a hero

  2. Hey sis, im bored very bored, hmm cant wait till you come home, should be fun, im in a very random mood, i have lots of chores to do, i dont really want to do them, i also have a little cold, i hope it goes away, cold arent too much fun, they dont make you feel good,i wonder if youll ever even read this, probably not, but it wouldnt matter much anyways, but what if i wrote something important and you didnt see it, that would not be good, i watched finding never land today, good movie, i would recommend it, im going to bass lake tomorrow, i cant wait! Bye! I love you!

  3. Pat,
    Of course I read this! I love that you comment. Sorry you’re bored bud… we’re gonna have to hang out lots next week. Hmm I will probably have to take you out to lunch sometime huh? Can’t wait to see you! I love you too!!!

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