Invisible Children

There has been Genocide in the Sudan for 17 years. Children are abducted from their homes, forced to join the rebel army, trained and brainwashed to kill, and many are killed themselves… at the age of 5-14.

If you haven’t heard about Invisible Children, please go here:

It’s a documentary about the genocide taking place as we speak… I watched it last night with Caitlin and I was shocked to say the least. Few know. Few care. The Holocaust took place over the course of a few years and got national attention. The genocide in the Sudan and Ugonda in particular has taken place over 17 years (now 20 I think). You need to watch the DVD if you haven’t already. The website will tell you what to do. There is a growing awareness, particulalry of college students, taking place through this DVD. A guy from UCLA saw the DVD and went to Ugonda a few weeks later- He was called. He will be in a war-torn country for a month. Pray for him. His name is Ben and a member of the Christian fraternity at UCLA.

Satan is doing a mess in Africa right now. The Sudan is not the only place with genocide. Rwonda and Liberia are among several others that are plagued with instability, rebel armies, genocide, child abduction, and AIDs… So what do we do about it?

Cait made a point that stuck out to me… “If we know what is going on and do nothing about it, we are, in a sense, condemning them to death.” Awareness is key. Watch the DVD, get informed, and pray for God’s guidance.
NOTE: This is really not meant to be a guilt-trip or guilt-induced call to action. It just really struck me and I wanted to share this with you… but please check it out. There are some pretty sweet options. If anything, pray… best weapon we have against war.


4 Replies to “Invisible Children”

  1. Anne, the thing about what’s happening In the Sudan, liberia, Uganda and a few other places In Africa, Is not the sense that nobody has known about them. Thye’ve been In the media for ages and ages, but the fact that It’s Africa, while people may not have Intentionally decided to do It, has meant that the reaction has been – Oh, not another African mess!! Look at the apathetic response of the U.S government In response to the attempt to get the people responsible for the Genocide In Rwanda to face their crimes in front of the Internatio0nal Criminal Court(I.C.C) the U.S has categorically refused to support such a motion being tabled by the security council, and the reason? Simple U.S self Interest, American soldiers have never been held accountable for criminal acts by International bodies, only the U.S has had the right and authority to punish American soldiers, If the I.C.C had been given that authority by the security council, then the American soldiers who commited such atrocious deeds against the prisoners In Abu ghraib, would have been held accountable by the I.C.C.

    Therefore, the thing Isn’t that so few know about what’s going on, It’s that apathy and refusal to act from some quarters, Is preventing the necessary actions from being meted out to those responsible. Where you aware that the U.S refuses to countenance what Is happening In Sudan from being called Genocide? If that happened, then the U.N would be forced to act regardless of what the U.S says because there are articles In the U.N that deal specifically with acts of Genocide!!

    I hope this tells you something about some of the thoughts that others have been having on this topic, who knows, maybe someone will actually act.

    Your friend Ben? Is very brave, I hope he stays safe!

  2. Hey K’ahn, Nice to meet you!
    You make a good point… the genocides have been in the media over the years, and I suppose apathy can be attributed to much of the lack of response. However, I would venture to guess that most people aren’t aware of the child abduction by the rebel armies that occurs every night, and that, because of it- thousands of children take refuge in verandas for the night in order to stay away from the rebel army. I suppose I like the fact that the Invisible Children movement is a grassroots movement with people involvement, not government. P.S. The Invisible Children movement is partnered with World Vision (makes for more validation). anyway, thanks for commenting K’ahn… I value outside input!!!

  3. Hey everyone my name is shaheed bates and i go to south philadelpha high school and we are starting a foundation group in my network 1 group. Our purpose is to raise money for the children of uganda

  4. Hey there!

    My name is Hailey and I am the California Pacific representative for Invisible Children. I am writing because I see that you have been struck by the story of these child soldiers. I wanted to let you know that we are sending a team of our roadies out to Hawaii in November and we would LOVE to work with you in setting up a screening in your community.

    Please get back to me as soon as you can!

    -Hailey Mitsui
    work: 619.562.2799 ext. 168
    cell: 619.808.7494

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