All good on the home front…

Well its been a few days since I’ve blogged, thanks to my breaking the internet cord when I got home… my parents are thrilled to have me back :). I’m glad though. My blogs were becoming boring, without spirit, and not completely myself. I was dissatisfied with my entries, yet craving to write all the time. A few days off was good- I should do that more.
I am in Bakersfield right now, and in a moment, my mom and I are going to make enchiladas that I can take to school. It should be great.
My time here has flown by. With what I thought to be a week of relaxation, writing, reading, etc… has turned into a whirlwind of meeting wtih people, lunches, coffee dates, baseball games, family time (including a little frisbee action with dad and bro), swim meets, awkward conversations, physical therapy, doctor’s appointments (I mean let’s get real… I can’t come home and not visit Dr. Hamilton and physical therapist Kurt Wingate can I?… only this time it is for my shoulder, not my knee – gosh rock climbing did a number on my shoulder… no good), runs wtih dad, Bible study with mom’s group, listening, learning, and teaching. Tomorrow mom and I go down south for some serious mom/daughter bonding. I am in need of that- and I am in need of moments with only my savior. I will write after that. for now… this is an update.


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