Outpost Reunion approaching

Sooo I have these people that I love. Alot. A whole lot. There are four individuals who are very dear to my heart and have enriched my life with an understanding of community that is truly unique to Christian love. Let’s face it… we all love each other tremendously. The Outpost team of 2004 is about to have a reunion (yes, a reunion) for a short while this weekend and we are so excited we could pee our pants.
The five of us; Rob Lang, Liam Bogan, Kari Maddox, Gabe Knox, and I were put together by the grace of God for the divine purpose of not only running a camp (Outpost and Miwok – more infor at www.calvincrest.com ), but to experience the body of Christ and community like never before. Complete with a summer of adorable children, hard children, young adults, worship, brokenness, testyness, love, adoration, intense prayer, campfire and s’mores, hatchet throwing, hiking, and sharing the love of Jesus… my team holds such a powerful spot in my life. My gratitude is unending for their support for me during my injuries and brokenness… physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It became very evident that God had hand-picked our team for the trials that were to come and to serve Him with our gifts and talents. For sure God used each one of them in a beautiful way as campers came to know the Lord, redidacte their lives, and learn about the amazing God we serve. Because they are all so special to me I thought I’d write a little bit about each one…

From left to right in order of the picture above:
Rob Lang (Rising Falcon): Our fearless leader. And what a leader he is. Rob was our coordinator, and the in-charge guy. He did a fantastic job running Outpost and keeping our team in check. His heart is one that turns to God through prayer immediately. His source of strength and capability comes from the Lord and he knows that… and he knows where to turn. He is selfless. I can’t tell you how much he sacrificed for our team, for the children, and for the counselors. The presence of God is real in Rob. Rob also has an amazing gift with leading worship: singing and playing guitar. He’s pretty dang funny and always kept the campers laughing. I appreciate his honesty, and his utmost desire to live in truth and grace. I’ve learned alot from him.

Kari Maddox (Mad Ox): My sister! Kari and I often stuck together when the testosterone levels were running high (or if we were in a secluded part of the world and there were no toilets… ahem). Aside from the fact that she was the only other girl on the team, Kari can cook amazing food… for lots of people- sometimes seventy people and more. My favorite was her chili- oh gosh was that good chili. Kari had one of the hardest-if not the hardest-job on the mountain, and she did an amazing job. She loves the Lord and it is completely evident in her walk. She is honest. She loves God and she loves people. We are kindred spirits, and we both love Anne of Green Gables. I found a wonderful friend in Kari… many tears, many smiles, lots of laughter, and lots of good talks. I often call her when I need a friend to listen to me. She’s wise. Oh, and she was my sleeping buddy when it was our turn to sleep in the fort all alone… this came in handy when two people (ahem Liam and Jordan) scared the crap out of us one night by making noises…

Liam Bogan (Lone Wolf): My twin from way back in our AIM days (back when the program was concentrated to be a family and since Liam and I are only 6 days apart, we called ourselves twins). Liam is not only selfless, but is completely willing to bend over backwards for people in need. In my case, this meant carrying me many times uphill, driving me to Bakersfield and back for my MRI, and always getting ice. His desire is to live passionately and radically for God, whatever that may be. He is creative (hence his position as Activities Director), compassionate (also works well for the 1st Aider position), and contains a strong yearning to know God. If I ever needed encouragement, Liam was always ready to say just what I needed to hear, without my telling him. Liam was also responsible for putting beads in our hair… he kept his in the longest until he cut it out with a knife.

Gabe Knox (Swift Lion): Here are things you need to know right now about Gabe. He can throw a hatchet so accurately it is actually scary. He, along with Rob, is an amazing guitarist and vocalist. He takes pretty sweet pictures, and likes to hunt :). Gabe has this wisdom thing going on. Sometimes he will say something and you just have to think about it.. because it’s truth. He has a heart for ministry and for serving. He’s got lots of energy and is tons of fun to be around. Gabe and I shared the same responsibilities with the kids (lead counselors) and it was fun to plan lessons with him. We basically wanted to roast marshamellows for object lessons each day, but that wouldn’t have worked. We learned how to make a shelter, build fire, and purify water by using a sock- usually his. We also picked gooseberries and endured long times at Polarbear pond with the kids. I mean, we like Polarbear pond and all… but. you know. Good times.

So there is my team in a nutshell. I know there’s plenty more to say, but this is already a long post. Basically they’re wonderful and I am so glad they have been such a huge part of my life, if even for a summer. I’ve learned a lot from all of them. Thanks guys…


3 Replies to “Outpost Reunion approaching”

  1. you’re making me blush here… 🙂
    Annie you’re amazing, thank you. Can’t wait to see you and yeah… ready to pee my pants cause well I always have to pee!
    In Christ,
    Mad Ox

  2. annie…i miss you a whole bunch. thanks so much for you little message on easter! i loved it….i’m bad at responding :(….i missed not eating sugar with you this year…but mainly i miss you…i hope that your quarter is starting off well. i love you friend!

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