The Weekend

Had a blast with my team… can’t tell you how exciting it was to have a group hug when we were all together again! We had a great prayer session on a big rock on the shore with waves spraying us ever so often when they crashed against the wall nearby. We were even joined by some seals! Maybe surreal, but so fantastic to sit next to the ocean with blankets and graham crackers to check in with one another, pray for each other, and love each other.
The weekend consisted of a long beach day (of which Rob couldn’t be apart of because he had to travel back to Spokane and we missed him dearly) complete with walks, frisbee, lounging, reading, etc. (We were joined by Lily which was so much fun… she will be OP coordinator this summer and it was great to share with her and learn from her); dinner in Little Italy; wrong turns; trips to Starbucks; lounging in Landon Bogan’s hotel room where we crashed for a night because it was raining on the beach; drinking tea; reminiscing; laughter; and more prayer. I might add, however, that an Outpost prayer session would not be complete unless the words “and Lord, please heal Annie” was apart of it. For crying out loud I am having a relapse of what I fear to be bronchitis… and spent the majority of the time coughing my lungs up. Not fun. I was just getting over a cold until Kari and I drove down to San Diego and all the sudden I started coughing, and haven’t stopped since. What is it about Outpost huh? haha aside for the almost comical occurence of a stupid cold, the weekend couldn’t have been better for me.
Spiritually I am rejuvinated. I am revived. The Lord has put a new song in my heart… and I’m ready to sing again.


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