Affagato Style

We have new drinks at Starbucks… the frappuccino made with a floating shot of espresso and cross-hatch (I like to say hatchet but that’s wrong) design of caramel and/or mocha. It’s of the devil. Not really. I made way too many frappuccinos today and I think affagoto style frappuccinos may be one of the worst ideas ever… at least for the baristas. Kinda like chanticos- taste pretty good if you’re into rich chocolate, but not much fun to make. Hmmm lo siento to the chantico and affagato style frappuccino fans, but to quote Christie Tedmon, “It’s one of those days huh?” Indeed.

p.s. I will say that I love to make caramel macchiatos. I could make those all day. Order as many as you like and you still get the floating add shot on top even with the cross-hatchet on top!


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