Kayaking in the Marina

I woke up this morning really excited…

After a delicious breakfast at Headlines, Jackie, Alana, and I headed off to Marina del Ray to go kayaking! It’s free for UCLA students and we can take the kayaks out for as long as we like… so we went for it! I have actually never done any kayaking except for at camp, and if you know Calvin Crest you are laughing a bit because the lake at Calvin Crest (great as it is), is slightly smaller than the ocean :). Anyhow, Alana, our Outdoor Adventure guide and one who is dear to my heart because we share so many passions, led us through the basics and we got in. It was so incredibly peaceful on the marina. We toured, looked at all the boats, watched Pelicans divebomb in the ocean, and said hello to fellow boaters. A glorious morning because the sky was insanely beautiful, the water had a slight ripple, and we pretty much had the marina to ourselves. Good girl time. We dreamed, talked about what we would name our boats (although none of us came to any conclusions), raced each other, crashed into each other, and shared life together. It was a beautiful thing. I love my sister time. After the boating, we headed over to my Starbucks and got some free drinks. Sat outside and shared more life together. We laughed a lot, shared a lot, and encouraged each other. Our friendship is affirming. I like that. I am truly blessed by the community here. We encouraged each other to continue to bring back every decision, every obstacle, every relationship, etc. to the Lord. So wonderful. My soul is at peace and alive in the Lord.


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