Weekend hair cuts…

Went home this weekend to watch my brother kick butt in the IM and 100 butterfly, AND make his valley cut times which means he gets to go to valley… so uh yeah, he’s a stud and I love him. Here’s more news. For those of you who have seen my brother in the last three years, you know that he has some pretty long hair – not only that, but it has, in the past two years, become extremely chlorine-damaged which makes it uh well, you know. While Pat’s hair is somewhat his trademark, he decided it was time to let it go, and the big sister got to step in big time with the scissors. Note the transformations on the photos below.

Came home today and my friend JD decided it was time for his haircut. Nicolette and I both partook of the extreme haircutting event… creating quite a hairdo (of JD’s choice of course). The hairstyle, although temporary (uh we think), entails a mohawk/mulletesque features that would put any 80s hairstyle to shame. Yup. We had free reign on the hair to do whatever we wanted. Not sure how long he’s keeping the cut before he cuts it off, but hey, I’m pretty proud of the concoction Nicolette and I came up. I mean, we sure had fun with it and JD gets to dress white trash for fun now… pretty sweet I’d say.

To end the weekend, a handful of us met at JD’s apartment for midnight worship and praise. It was sweet. I loved it. I feel like there is more to say about that, but just picture 7 college students in the living room of an apartment with two guitars, pillows, chairs, silence, and music. Scripture was read, prayer was involved, and reflective worship made God’s presence known. He was worshiped tonight, and that’s all that matters.


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