On a lighter note…

Had a really fun time at work today… Gina, Lyle, Ken, and I ruled frappuccino (sp?) world and the land of espresso, lattes, and drip coffee. The music was delightful and all of us (including Ken, who isn’t your average “snap your fingers to the groove” kinda guy) boogied down behind the bar. Gina and I in particular have a special love for dancing and will even turn the music up and dance in front of the pastry case on occasion (ok, well once). Today when she came in we were goofing off and she told me that when she goes home at night she thinks of things I said at work and laughs. That made me happy ;). Work is such a great place for me to be in the world and have real conversations with people all day long… Loving the people I work with…

“I wanna dance
I wanna snap my fingers all night long and dance”
-Derek Webb


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