So Alana, my roommate Christie, two girls from Outdoor Adventures, and I went to Stoney Point in Chatsworth for the sole purpose of climbing. It was beautiful… just amazing. Such an adrenaline rush, such a sweet time of encouragement, laughter, and extreme hardcoreness ;)… I adore climbing. There’s something to be said for getting into a really hard spot, wanting to give up, pray for what you need to get through, and then making it to the top.

After climbing, Alana and I decided it was absolutely necessary to go to REI in Manhatten Beach in our climbing outfits and all. I bought some pretty cool things if I do say so myself… Just some essentials, i.e.- ground pad (sleeping pad), strap, and headlamp. I got to use my REI card for the first time and it was exhilerating.

So hardcore right now it’s not even funny… except for the fact that I’m not really all that hardcore, I just pretend and hope that some day I can fit that description 🙂


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