Mountain girl at heart

I just returned from an amazing weekend in Yosemite with some of my favorite people. It was glorious. There is nothing that can put a smile on my face like the mountains do… especially the Sierra Nevadas. We camped near Calvin Crest (which, by the way, a few of us visited and I definately showed off Outpost!) and played in the backcountry a bit. The waterfalls at Greys Mountain were tremendous… just flowing with ridiculous strength and power. We worshiped around the campfire (thanks to JD’s backpacking guitar and skills :)), roasted marshamellows, slept under the stars (no tents for this crew… yeah I froze), and played in the river. So great to be in a place that is dear to my heart with great friends.

On Saturday and Sunday we went into Yosemite and hiked a total of 14-15 miles (?). Unfortunately the cables weren’t up at Half Dome so we couldn’t hike up it. However, Mist Trail made it’s name an understatement and was incredibly gorgeous. The entire time we were in awe of the beauty around us… God’s amazing. Just absolutely amazing. Sometimes we just stared in silence…. and sometimes we burst out into song. We even danced (er, became undignified for sure)… Can’t tell you how much the community around me meant to me; the fellowship was amazing.

I feel like there is so much to write that I have absolutely no idea what to write. I was refreshed and revived. I was reminded of God. I would like to put some adjective to describe God in that sentence, but no such adjective would suffice. I was put into my element… the outdoors. God hand-crafted a special place in my heart that truly loves and adores the mountains. I can’t get around it. Nowhere else on earth am I more myself than when I am outdoors (that includes Calvin Crest). Dirty, exhausted, rugged, and really really really happy. .

Tomorrow I will go back to school in the city. I will write three papers this week and go to work. In a few weeks I will be done with my quarter and off to Europe… wierd. And yesterday I was hiking up the side of waterfalls.


One Reply to “Mountain girl at heart”

  1. Anne,
    It was bitter sweet seeing you this weekend. I loved that you came by and showed us off, but sadden by the thought you are not with us this summer. I know Prague will be incredible and the cafés in Vienna will be slendid, but you will be missed. Keep us in touch. I will watch the blog…

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