State of my heart…

Lord I’m wandering
Through this world not knowing which way to turn
Will you stop me?
Will you point the way?
Or am I meant to tread
To tread on this road appearing to go nowhere
Sometimes I feel like I know the way
I wonder if I recognize your hand when you guide me
What if I am wrong?
Lord I’m desparate to have my eyes opened
Are you molding my heart?
Is it where it should be?
Can I trust you to guide
When all I feel is confusion and fear
My confidence left me and I tremble
So eager to hear your voice
If you tell me to turn I will
But I need to hear from you
Why do I feel so eager?
What is it that I am learning?
And Lord are you Sovereign?
I don’t want to mess up
Are you showing me the way?
Lord release me from my anxiety
And send me on the path you’ve chosen
I will go the hard way if you tell me
I’ve been broken before
I’m not afraid to love you
I’m afraid I’m missing your direction
Free my eyes to see clearly
Empty me of my closed mind and the rights I think I’m due
Let me explore the trail of your Righteous love
Lead me on an adventure
Take me there Lord and let not my heart be my trap
I need you
Position my heart so it reflects your will
You alone I long to serve, please, and be sustained by
Is this you Lord?
If so make your presence roar
May I hear it in my soul and follow you on this journey
To you all glory is due


One Reply to “State of my heart…”

  1. Tonight at farmers I dropped my phone in the gutter and it went down into the sewer..and is now ffloating somewhere under san luis obispo….

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