home for a day +

Moved out of my apartment yesterday, somewhat surreal.
In Bakersfield for a little over a day and all of the sudden I’m struck with urges of apathy, cynicism, and complacency. It’s not home that’s doing it to me- it’s this wierd transition that I’m going through. So much is about to change, and I think that because it is so unknown to me, I’m not sure how to approach God in the moment… and believe me, I know the answers and I know the theology and I know what Sunday school and Christian institutions might tell me right now… yet I don’t want any of it. Just give me Jesus as raw as possible right now. That’s all.


2 Replies to “home for a day +”

  1. i love you annie burdette…i feel that you have taken my thoughts of right now and put them into words. i hate transitions…yet i continue to do this weird moving every year thing and well i don’t know. i guess it’s exciting, but it sucks really. Jesus is my refuge….but i need to go to him to find it rather than curling up on my street corner….alright. i lvoe you friend….

  2. Hey,
    Sounds like you have a busy summer, and some great traveling to do. I hope all goes well, and that you can find Jesus, amist all this choas.

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