Anishka is my name

Our tour guide/activities director is an older gentlemen who is extremely learned in history, art, architecture, and very fluent in english. He is very sweet and bought six of us American girls a great dessert today. He calls me “Anishka” because that is Czech for “Anne.” He is endearing and quite a great addition to our program. In the coming 5 weeks He will lead us on many walks through Prague and surrounding countries. His soft blue eyes speak of a tender heart and a sweet spirit. I’m glad to have met him. His name sounds like “Svenya” but I have no clue how to spell it…

Today we visited the country of Moravia and three churches. The churches were built in the 14th and 17th centuries.The architecture was astounding… absolutely incredible. You could sense the piety of the worshipers that would have attended and I wondered what their faith was like. Perhaps even more impressive was the countryside drive that we took to get to Moravia. I have never seen such gorgeous rolling green hills with medieval farms, haybails, daisy fields, quaint villages, ancient towns that still thrive in their original architecture, and lovely cottages and homes with flowers on the window sills. I get so excited when I see any building with flowers on the window sills. Usually they involve vibrant red flowers contrasting with creme or yellow walls. Christie said she knows what she is getting me for my housewarming gift whenever I get a home 🙂 She enjoys my excitement of the flowers. Don’t worry, I’ve taken several pictures – I just can’t download them yet.

The people in my program are very friendly, I’m excited to get to know their stories and their hearts. A group of girls went to dinner tonight and had the best margherita pizza I have ever had. The crust was incredible… so thin and delicious! I had 5 slices and two scoops of gilatto ice cream. Yep, some things never change! 🙂 Anyhow, it’s good to meet people and share meals with them. Well, that’s my update for today! I’m not sure that I will update everyday, but the internet cafe is next door to the hotel and it seemed like the appropriate thing to do! 🙂 Much love to you all in the states! Oh… not sure why the formatting is so funky on my page. Can anyone help me fix it? Sorry it’s so annoying! Ok that’s all… nashlednaou (good bye)


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