Having a Blast…

Ok so Christie and I are learning how to use the metro, the map, and learning street names. Now that we are comfortable with getting around town, we’re taking Prague by storm. Here are some fun things we’ve done in the past few days…
Jazz Club: On Friday night, Christie, Nick (the other Christian in our group), and I went to a classy jazz club in Old Town Prague. The music was tremendous and the atmosphere was so neat! We tapped our feet while we sipped on our drinks. Good company and great music. The night was also a reminder that music is universal. During the jazz sets, we completely lost track of the fact that we were in a different country until the lead sax player spoke into the microphone. It was so surreal to hear him speak Czech. We giggled each time in the beginning because it was so unexpected! Music is a common demoninator for all people. Like a language with different accents and sounds, music speaks a language of variety within its universal character.

Brewery: Yes we visited a brewery of the most famous beer in the Czech Republic on Saturday- Pilsner. We toured through the brewery and saw how beer was made. In the end we got to sample the beer before it got filtered- literally right out of the barrel. Whenever I get my pictures online, you will see a picture of my face after trying it… umm it was gross. I suppose those who love beer would enjoy it- but it was way too bitter for me.

Massage: After our trip to the brewery, Christie and I decided we would treat ourselves to a Thai massage, so we went to Thaiworld and paid for the best hour long massage ever- oils and everything for only 34 dollars! It was amazing, and they even gave us tea afterwards! I’ve never gotten a massage before so it was a great experience!

Cream and Dream: Ice Cream. Gilatto. Amazing…. We decided to treat ourselves further with some of the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Normally I can put away 4 scoops of ice cream in a short time, but thi dainty serving is so delicious that I have to savor each lick. Soooooo good! We ate ice cream and walked on the cobblestone streets of Prague on a beautiful night… so great! (p.s.- this is right after our massage! double treat!)

Sunday: oh what a beautiful day. We slept in until 10:30 am, went on a beautiful run along the hills of Prague, and showered for what would be a glorious day. At around 2:00pm we finally made it to the cafe that is famous for its Czech pancakes (we hadn’t eaten yet and were starving). Our pancakes were crepes, and I ordered the crepe with nuttela and bananas… and chocolate and whipped cream. Holy cow. It was soooo delicious! After eating and much oohing and aahing, Christie and I walked to another cafe 🙂 that is famous for coffee. We sat down to this really cute cafe near Old Town Square and ordered lattes and spinach quiche. Our table was right next to a window with a pot of red roses that opened into the street. It was our intention to park there for a few hours with our books, journals, Bibles, and CD players (p.s. today is my 1 year anniversary of singleness so I wanted to reflect on the past year and the drastic changes that have taken place in my life since July10, 2004… it’s been an incredible year, that’s for sure). Well, during our visit to the cafe, a ginormous thunderstorm struck Prague. It was the coolest experience ever! Christie and i just turned our chairs and stared out the window (which we closed) and watch the rain turn to a downpour, to hail, to lightening, and to massiv thunder. Aaaah the power of God. I love how God loves to amaze us!!! Needless to say, we were quite content to stay in the cafe for a while (we also forgot umbrellas and any source of warmth)… and that meant we should eat again. We ordered tea and dessert! Hehe what an eating day! I had carrot cake and Christie had Czech honey pie that tasted like a honey graham cracker cake that was quite delicious! After the sun came out and we finished a great conversation about life, its challenges, God, relationships , and hopes…. it was time to walk back home. We managed to find our way back to the tram and we planned the next few days of more excitement… Matt and Alana (our good friends) are coming to visit for the next few days and we are really excited!!!! Hooray!

Well there’s more to come, but I’m sitting in an internet cafe right now that is quite expensive and I must go. Much love!!!


2 Replies to “Having a Blast…”

  1. Hey Annie,
    Sounds like it is still a great time over there. Thunderstorms are amazing arn’t they! On Friday night, Gabe and I went up to his lake cabin, and it was super stormy, the waves were big, and the clouds dark. It was fun.
    I too have been eating way too much lately, probably because my family has had me up to dinner a lot lately, and they make good food. My mom comes home on Friday from Denmark. I will be in Europe next January with a school study trip, and Greg Spore will be with me. Well, keep loving it, and living it, this adventure called life. Peace.

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