Great meal, great close to 5 weeks in Prague

Last night our study abroad program treated us to a farewell dinner. Now, we were expecting a typical Czech cuisine, and weren’t nearly prepared for the feast we enjoyed. Our group walked through the cobblestone streets of Prague one last time and into this fancy and colorfully atmosphered Brazilian restaurant. There was a fantastic salad bar with more exotic fruits, vegetables, pastas, soups, and cheese than I have ever experienced. We filled our plates to almost overflowing (and they were very large plates I might add) with food from the salad bar, and took them back to our table. Well, as soon as we sat down delicious bread, cheese balls, rice and beans, and french fries arrived. At this point we were wishing we had not eaten anything at all during the day because the meal was so huge. As if this isn’t enough, waiters started arriving with meat on stakes and they carved each person slices of pork, lamb, beef, different kinds of pork, chicken, turkey, salmon and other fish, and so much more. I never knew so much meat existed! They were seasoned perfectly and had delicious flavor. Next came the fried bananas- and probably my favorite part of the meal. Sooo yummy! Dessert was grilled pineapple and by this point I could barely breathe. Yes, gluttony at its best (worst?). I stocked up on my share of veggies, fruits, and meats that I had sorely been deprived of for the past several weeks in one meal. Seriously. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. I sat next to Christie and Nick which proved to be great company. Our tour guide and program director also sat at our table and it was a pleasure to share our last meal together. Teddy and I left early because we had a train to catch at 11:05 pm… sooo we bundled together our luggage (significantly heavier and more abundant… a whole new bag even) and walked to our tram ride and on to the train station. Wow we felt like we were training for boot camp with our huge packs, backpacks, bags, and groceries walking up and down stairs in 85 degree weather. We finally got on the train and it proved to be a very unrestful sleep even with a sleeper. Our train arrived to Vienna two hours late which means we missed our train to Venice and won’t be able to arrive in Venice until 11:00 pm tonight… grrrrr. Well, God is still Sovereign and Holy and good and now we have 7 hours to be in a train station in Vienna. Reservations missed, and Teddy has to wait a few more days to see Brian. This is the most current update possible, seeing as though I have wandered down the street to an internet cafe and am trying to be resourceful with my time. Aside from the details, I’m looking forward to Italy and have been truly blessed by my time in Prague. I’m glad to move on to new things… and home is looking pretty good right now. Enjoy a free public bathroom, free shopping carts, free mustard and condiments, showers that are sufficient in size, nonfat milk, fresh vegetables, and the pedestrian right-of-way for me… pleasures in America not to be found elsewhere at the moment 🙂


2 Replies to “Great meal, great close to 5 weeks in Prague”

  1. Annie,
    Glad to hear that you had a great last “meal” aka feast in Prague. Lame about the train…ah the joys of traveling. I hope you have a great last week in Italy, and that God will continue to fill you.

  2. How dare you not make an entry on your blog since arriving in Italy! Don’t you realize we are starving out here! We have not had one good biscotti or cup of coffee since Prague!

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