Back in America

I return even more independent than when I left. I’ve always had an independent spirit, but it’s something new now. I grew up in many ways this summer. Traveling has taken me to a new step in life. Parts of the world have been discovered, and parts of life preciously uncovered. Independence is a beautiful thing that must be learned and doesn’t always come easily.

In six weeks I have: learned to navigate my way through 6 major cities in 4 foreign countries; communicated bits and pieces in 4 languages that are not my own; been responsible for food on a budget with currencies that are unfamiliar and very different from the U.S.; learned to pursue my passions in unknown territory; met and appreciated new people from vastly different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures; experienced a glimpse of what a marriage (minus physical attraction stuff) can look like when in constant companionship with a person for 24/7 and in circumstances where you just have to get over yourself; made mistakes and learned from them; laugh in every situation; and ultimately continued to learn to trust that God does and will meet your every need and then some… even when it doesn’t appear that way at first.

Ever since high school summer has been a time of significant spiritual growth, fruit for the Kingdom, and ministry… I started wondering where the fruit was and how I grew spiritually this summer, and though I’m still not quite sure… I think I grew in that I experienced life and took every situation – good and bad – into God’s hands… and trusted that He would be sovereign. I didn’t receive any dramatic revelation about life, no Spiritual high (though I’m not a big fan of those anyway except to see how they affect the low times), and no visual fruit of how God used me in another person’s life (meaning no avenue for ministry and I didn’t see people in my program changed by God really)… BUT … God is sovereign and I trust His call on my life, and I know this summer was to His glory.

It was six weeks of growth, challenges, disappointments, joy, surprises, awe, struggle, and triumph. I saw parts of the world I never thought I would see, ate foods I that were new to my diet, and I saw history in the making (and that surely includes the Tour de France). If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I would have gone to Europe, I probably would have laughed and had a wistful look on my face… But here I am and there I was. It was His call for me, and though it didn’t look like I thought it would, it looked like He knew it would.

Blessed Be Your Name


One Reply to “Back in America”

  1. Sounds over all like and AWESOME trip. I am happy that you had this cool experience. Now I am even more excited for my trip to europe in January-however it is still a ways off. Camp was fun, but it sounds like it has been a tough summer for staff.

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