An Adventure Around Every Corner

My mom inspired this title. We have spent a couple days 4-wheel driving in the Ouray, CO area, and it has been truly magnificent. And the title pretty much says it all. Literally each time we have turned the corner or gone around a mountain, a new breathtaking view greets us. Whether we are on the very top of a mountain range or on the valley floor driving alongside a bubbling creek, the views have definately been amazing. Lots of green all around, many clouds that hover around the mountain tops, long and narrow waterfalls, ghost towns, Alpine Tundra, vibrant wildflowers, and ginormous mountains have dazzled us each day.

Ok and now it’s time to get honest. Soooo mom and I were about to pee our pants on the first trail we took called Engineer’s Pass. Let’s face it, I can climb on the sides of mountains and be at extreme hights with no problem. Get me in a Tahoe 4-wheel driving on a road that has a steep drop-off a few feet to the right of me and I’m about to die. It started out wiht nervous laughter as we followed a group of experienced jeeps (all older couples by the way) and grew to me literally leaning as far over as possible to the side nearest the mountain. However, the mountainside provided little comfort because of the jagged rocks that lined the road and proved to be obstacles in and of themselves. Wait til you see the pictures! Yes, and then Patrick drove. Now, nothing against my little brother’s driving, but he’s 16 and I would much prefer my dad’s 30 years experience to my brother’s less than one year. Anyhow… he drove on a mild road, and did a fine job at it too. That was the first day of 4-wheeling.

Our next day was the 8 hour in the car 4-wheeling excursion and I’ll be honest… I was craving a good long hike or some other activity. I was getting sick of the car, and we had to go through that darn hard part of Engineer’s Pass again before getting to the other stuff. Cue in dad’s great option for mom and I. We walk/run/hike alongside and in front of the vehicle while Patrick drives the hardest parts. Fantastic! I got almost 2 miles in of hiking/running (felt soooo good), mom got to take some video and exercise our legs, and no one freaked out! After awhile it was time to get back into the car and dad asked if I wanted to drive. Well there is no way my little brother is going to drive and I’m not. Heck no. All stereotypes about women driver’s had to be proved wrong. So I took the wheel at what I thought to be an easier portion of Engineer’s Pass. Wrong. After part of a switchback I arrived at this terrible spot in the very narrow road with a crazy dropoff on the right of us, and large rocks that were now covered with mud and rain (it’s been raining almost the whole time). Right. So I obey my dad’s directions and get almost over the first hump when it stops going. I’m gassing it and now the tires are spinning. What do I do? Instantly, and I mean instantly, I started crying (yes it’s true) and let out a “daddy, I don’t want to do this!). HAHA I’m laughing now. My mom is silently having a heart attack in the back seat and my dad lovingly looks over, rubs my back, and says I’m doing just fine. Deep breath. Put it into 4-low and press the gas again. Praise God for 4-low because in a moment I’m over those stupid rocks and on to the next obstacle. After a few minutes we all start laughing at my response to the situation and then I continue to drive for another 45 minutes or so… And now, I appreciate and even enjoy 4-wheel driving much much more. The cliffs no longer scare me, and I know that vehicle can get over anything! 2 more days of driving alongside cliffs and then it’s off to Boulder! So excited!

Pray for us, we’re all experiencing altitude sickness and other annoying ailments. No car accidents or car troubles so far, it’s just our bodies that are taking a beating 😉 Ahh another Burdette family adventure. Loving it.


2 Replies to “An Adventure Around Every Corner”

  1. I hear you on the wanting to get out of the car. When I was in Durango last fall, I went four wheeling with some people, and I liked it for a little while, but then I felt like I should have been out there hiking/climbing, I guess I am much more apt to be outside on my own two feet rather than in a big peice of metal.
    I hope the rest of the trip is fun, and that you get some good time in with the Oldroyds.

  2. B-Rich!
    I didn’t realize that you lived in Durango! I knew it was CO but I forgot which town. We (my family) fell in love with Durango and Patrick (my bro) is looking at Fort Lewis. Crazy!

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