It’s late at night

Had my bowl of bran flakes (in my attempts to eat healthy for a midnight snack) and I’m sitting here chatting to friends. Friends that are dear to my heart and have been for a long time. Tyson, Kari, Liam… They are friends who know me well and know my heart. They’ve seen me at my best and at my worst, and will still call me friend. Kari’s coming to town on Friday and we will have 3/5 of our Outpost team in Bako.

I’ve been contemplating community lately. It seems as if I have three avenues for community in my life. Highschool/Bako people, Calvin Crest friends, and now LA. In thinking about my future summer and year post graduation (which does not occur until late June by the way), I wonder which community of people I will be called into. Or will it be something new? I like Washington a whole lot. Colorado is beautiful. San Luis Obispo holds special people and is a great place. LA… well that depends who stays. Bakersfield no longer holds a community where I may thrive… Calvin Crest has Outdoor Ed and happens to be my favorite place on earth… Just thoughts for a late night. Not stressful thoughts, but contemplative for sure. C.S. Lewis once advised a young man to move where his friends were (although the wording is much more deliberate and articulated quite in Lewis fashion). He may be right. And yet God is still Sovereign. “These are the hands I’ve grown to trust.” Gives me peace.

I need to go to sleep now. My eyes are droopy and conversations have ended awhile ago. The cereal bowl is in the kitchen and all the lights are off in the house. Tomorrow I get to have lunch with mom and grandma and get my pictures developed from all my vacations. I’m looking forward to it. Good Night.


3 Replies to “It’s late at night”

  1. Annie,
    Great to hear about all the adventures. I understand about the whole wanting to get back to school. I feel the same way-only not from too much travel but too much time in my mom’s house. Hope that you can get well in these few weeks before school starts.

  2. Thanks to both commenters!
    B-Rich, tell Gabriel I said hello and go climb a mountain together or something before school starts.

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