LA for a Day

Just remembered why I love my LA community so much…

Doubled over laughter, the kind that hurts

Lunch at Novel Cafe

Genuine love for one another

Wholefoods Pizza crust with our own topping creations

Plans, plans, and more plans that always get played out. Not the kind that you say “that would be great” but it never happens… but the kind that relaly do happen – and happen often.

Silly Monkeys (for Alana)

Coffee shops

We talk about Jesus alot.

Plenty of Pictures

Discussions of current books we’re reading, authors we enjoy, the relationships we’re in or used to be in or hope for, 401K plans (yes that was brought up at the dinner table and I thought to myself “I’m way too young for this conversation”), our married friends (Jacqueline Angeline Mowery), ministry, where we want to live, and decorating houses. I think I’m getting old. Well… I am turning 21 on Sunday.

Goals. We have lots.

In a round about way, that was my day today with some of my greatest girl friends ever in LA. And the excitement grows as football games, new ministries, Weekend trips, BBQs, movie marathons, rock climbing excursions, dancing, roommate dinners, midnight praise and worship sessions, and tons of fellowship draw near.


3 Replies to “LA for a Day”

  1. Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I know this is a little early-but just in case I don’t get a chance to tell you this weekend. I will be busy moving back out to school.
    I turn 21 in 27 days!

  2. I MISS LA!!

    i miss coffee bean and in n out and my church fam there and good mexican food and 679 and everything.


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