If you know me well you may either be shocked, appalled, thrilled, or driven to laughter when you hear what I’m doing this weekend. It’s the big 21st birthday, and, seeing as though I am the very last of almost every one of my friends in LA (and from home) to turn 21… we decided to go to Vegas. Yes. That city. The one most people can’t stand and is often referred to as ‘sin city.’ I can hardly believe it myself, but 7 of us are making the very expensive and long and hot drive tomorrow morning. Kari Maddox sent me an email with the title “what happens in Vegas… is still real life.” I like her. Now if you’re tempted to admonish me, you won’t be doing much good because honestly, I’m going with great people and I’m not prone to fly off my handle and become a crazy lady. Tomorrow I’m waking up at 6:ooam to drive to LA and meet up with some of my very best friends. I’m pretty dang excited about that, I’ll be honest. I’ll write in a few days…


One Reply to “21”

  1. I hope that you have a TON of fun. I have spent some time in Vegas before, and surprisingly it is like other big cities. Wierd huh? I was totally expecting tons of sin all over the place but could not find much more there than in other large cities. Peace.

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