A good place to be

Well well well… so here I find myself: back into a world that fits. Not always a comfortable fit (in fact, usually quite the opposite is true), but a fit nonetheless. The peace I experience here is not of circumstance but of a disposition that belongs to my nature because of who Christ is. Cait says I thrive here, Jennie laughs at my stories, and the people I interact with daily see it as life. And all could be said to be true. A new birth of the school year is exhilerating to me. In fact, school hasn’t started yet and school isn’t what I’m most excited about… but the newness and freshness and excitement for life that is experienced in this place gets me thrilled about life and pours faith into God’s placement of me and my surroundings.

I spent an incredible weekend with the Athletes in Action leadership team down in Orange County. There are 9 of us and over a weekend of hiking, praying, reading the Word, preaching the gospel to one another, bonfires, beaches, splashing in waves, peanut butter brownies, and worship… I was revived and refreshed. The Spirit of God poured over us… our conversations were flavored with salt and a sense of unity was accomplisehd by the bond of Christ.

So here begins and continues part of a journey that God has led me through. Highschool senior girls small group starts up this week, attending a youth specialties conference this weekend, AIA is coming up full speed ahead, I bought a sleeping bag for-5 degree weather at REI and found myself not even sweating when I slept in it in a home, training for athletic stuff coming up, friendships rekindled, new friendships being made, school (oh yeah that) will start Thursday, nearly every night will be filled with a meeting, fellowship, or Bible study of some sort, still need to unpack, writing to do, heart searching needed, and let’s not forget the whole this is my senior year thing…


3 Replies to “A good place to be”

  1. hey you! i like you annie burdette…. a lot. are you going to the one in sac this weekend? i’ll be in sac because i’m driving up w/ two friends going to it for his work. let me know…i’d love to see you if even for a little bit 🙂 your words encourage me and lift me up because i hear your struggles and don’t feel alone and you know the Joy of Christ which gives me hope that i can know it too! i love you friend….and i miss you 🙂 call me 805-354-2348

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