Happy Girl

Well well well… tomorrow evening I will leave to summit a mountain called Whitney with some very dear friends of mine… and one of those people happens to be my boyfriend. Just thought you all should know that I am no longer a single gal, and that I’m totally enjoying the fun and beautifully awkward early stages of a relationship with someone who has been my friend much longer than my boyfriend. And needless to say, I’m quite a happy girl. 😉


4 Replies to “Happy Girl”

  1. Well I am glad you informed him of my arsenal of weapons that will be used against anyone who chooses to hurt you 😉

    J.D. you have found a treasure that I have known about for 21 years…Annie can only make you richer!

  2. lovin dad too… but JD, can’t wait to meet you… this is my girl we’re talkin about. heard you’re quite the catch. guess we’ll see… 😉

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