Friday Night and Chocolate Cake

It’s about 8pm on Friday night. I’ve spent the evening running errands, doing dishes, baking, and listening to worship music. Right now I have my signature chocolate cake baking in the oven, I’m listening to Chris Tomlin’s “Your grace is enough,” and am antsy to get to the UCLA soccer game for which I am now an hour and 40 minutes late. Poor timing. Yet, it might be one of the sweetest moments of solitude and relaxation all week. I have the apartment to myself and it’s been a beautiful time to reflect while baking and smelling the chocolate waft throughout the kitchen. God’s voice has been whispering sweet words to my soul and reminding me of His goodness and faithfulness. Telling me that I’m doing ok, that I’m where He wants me to be… affirming me. And praise is the response of my heart. Peace, contentment with who I am in Christ, joy in the moment… it’s just a sweet time. I enjoy baking this cake. There’s something different about it and about the process. Somewhat laborious, yet I feel like love and patience goes into this cake. I like thinking about the person/people I am making it for… their reaction, what they mean to me, etc. Gosh, I get giddy about making a cake that I know is good… how much more excited does God get when He looks at His creation that He knows is perfect? The buzzer is going off now. My cake is nearly ready, though it will take all night for the process to be complete. Kind of like us and God. Everything’s a process. Takes time. Enjoy the moment… the smells… the silence… the peace… the gift.


3 Replies to “Friday Night and Chocolate Cake”

  1. Ok…as a past recipiant of this decadent cake, I can tell you to enhance your experience, augemnt with either a red zinfandel or an espresso. Either one will compliment the experience brought about from consuming such a delectable dessert. As to the recipants of this gesture of love…allow all of your senses to engage upon each morsel. It is truly devine! Ok Annie B when are you coming home again?

  2. Sounds like a really good cake…I envy you the solitude and relaxation of spending time alone baking.

    And you’re right on the money – everything is a process. It’s learning to enjoy the process that’s the hard part.

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