Christmas decorations adorn the entire apartment. ‘Merry Christmas’ greets the guest at the door with the wall full of neatly wrapped presents on the left. Freshly baked brownies sit on the kitchen counter creating an aroma of baked goods true to the Christmas season, and hanging on the front window for all of Westwood to see is a strand of garland with carefully taped snowflake ornaments sticking to the glass. The best part? Mistletoe hangs from every doorway… not to mention the entire basketful that sits on the entryway table. Aparently we love to enforce makeout sessions as much as possible with the leafy endorcements hanging on the ceiling (cuz who would do that? i mean really). This is our apartment right now. Apt. 101 – full of Christmas cheer.

Also at our apartment right now… 4 very frazzled girls who constantly sit at the kitchen table and stare at laptops for hours on end… glossy eyes and the whole bit. Books are strewn all over the floor and chairs, and the occasional ‘I hate school!’ sounds from each girl’s lips as she frantically searches for the next word to type on that darn paper that is due within the hour (ok maybe that’s just me at the last hour)… If an outsider were to peak in at the right time, all 4 laptops might just be turned to facebook or myspace for the necessary (?) study break that only encourages procrastination and extra stress in the long run. Not to mention the fact that the freezer and kitchen are full of goodies that may only be saved up and served during 10th week and finals week (yes, the ultimate study break/sanity keeper)… desserts and chocolate galore. It might be added that simultaneously to the eating of desserts, a lack of working out also occurs during this time of the quarter. Not a splendid combination, but true three times a year nonetheless.

And here I am at 12:40am on Wed. night. Page 0 has been written for the 15-18 to come by Monday (don’t worry… outline and thesis done). It’s been a beautiful day in the world of research, lunch with friends, a walk home from campus with that boy that I’m crazy about, a telephone convo with Cait that made my heart literally beam, good climbing with Alana, news that a baby will be born to my cousins Andy and Lindsey, a wonderfully healthy dinner with Alana as well as much needed confession/chat/prayer time with the girl who rocks my world here (and makes me climb climbs that appear way too difficult), and then of course the night can’t end without those arms around me at least once before my head hits the pillow.

It’s Thursday of 10th week and it is well with my soul.


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