Takes a Village

So you know the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child?’ Well, yeah story of my life. I have two moms (sometimes three or four), roommates who keep me in check, dear friends who keep me accountable… and when it comes to school…
My 15 page paper was due today. Paul and the Leadership of women – due at 4 pm. Now, for most of this paper I’ve been ahead of the game. My rough draft was complete on Saturday (UNHEARD OF), but for some reason I underestimated my revision time and come 3:17 I was still writing a conclusion and I was without a bibliography (keep in mind it is due on campus at 4 and the classroom is at least a 30 minute walk). Hilary comes in, sees the panic on my face, and graciously offers to type my bibliography for me. She’s wonderful. We get to class on time, paper printed complete with bibliography and all, and… I flip through it to discover page 2 is completely blank, and page 1 is horribly screwed up. Panic. Now this is the same prof. who I’ve turned in a paper late to and had to meet up with in office hours to explain my flakiness – not wanting to do that again… so I call JD while I pretend to go to the bathroom and ask him to reprint it. Luckily, he’s pretty great and willingly made corrections for me, printed the paper out, and drove it to me during our break so I could turn it in without Dr. Bartchy knowing a thing. So apparently it takes multiple people to get a paper turned in when it comes to me and Bartchy’s class… haha.

On a similar note – today I finished a paper that drastically altered my perspective on the leadership of women in the church and Paul’s writing. CONTEXT is HUGE! It’s incredible how we’ve just contorted the initial meaning of some of Paul’s letters to apply to our society today. Yeah so my thesis was: By understanding the context of Paul’s letters, there may be no dispute that Paul was an advocate for the leadership of women in the church – or something to that effect. Bet you’d never think that by glancing at 1 Cor. 11, 14:33-35, and 1 Timothy 2:8-15… but after considerable reasearch throughout the quarter, a lot of concerns and questions and doubts and struggles have been reconciled to the truth that women, along with men, may be called to leadership positions in the Church as the Holy SPirit prompts. I’m going to try to somehow add a link for my paper, but i’m not sure how to do that… any suggestions? Getting late so I’m going to bed now…
The Corona with lime was much needed celebration with Hil after we SKIPPED to the car after seminar today… quarters with Bartchy are tough.


3 Replies to “Takes a Village”

  1. Maybe we are all a village of enablers! 😉 But you are just so darn cute! I am curious though…did you drink the Corona before or after skipping to the car? In the car or after driving the car? Or is it that the state of mind you are in as you write this entry is still skipping? Congrats Annie…I’ll clink one with you when you get home.

  2. CORONA after! After driving, and definately before writing- though you might suspect otherwise! looking forward to it dad- it was the first one i ever finished!

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