Right where I need to be

I woke up excited and refreshed about life. This is going to be a great quarter. I love my classes and have high hopes for a disciplined 7 weeks to come. My roommates constantly keep me just at the brink of peeing my pants because they’re just so darn funny – and our late night talks about life can’t really happen enough. I now have girls who attend CORE group (finally got those senior girls to meet once a week – at 7:30 AM on Sunday mornings), and AIA is in a new season all its own. All around me I hear stories of God’s faithfulness, timing, presence, and power. I am in awe with the God I love and serve. He is well-pleased with me too – He tells me so everyday (literally). The other day I had breakfast with dear friends for the sole purpose of writing together. It was enrichening. Made me realize that I am just so blessed with my place in life right now. God has given me such a peace of contentment in this moment – and even though I know change is coming and is eminant, I’m patient. Right where I need to be, this day will be followed by the next and so on… and God is sovereign and faithful and in Him I place my trust.


2 Replies to “Right where I need to be”

  1. Hey Annie,
    I just got back from Europe. We went to Rome, Florence, skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland, Paris, and London. It was a great adventure. I am glad to hear how well this new quarter is going.

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