Chaucer got the best of me last night. Studied the Cantebury Tales until the wee hours of the morning and woke up with fog brain. The words were blury as I wrote my 7 page essay and completed my final at 10 am this morning. These are the times when I am not a fan of school. Anyhow, tonight will be a repeat as I study the heck out of West Africa and then onto British Lit from 1860- present for Monday. Nothing substantial to say except I sure hope my professors can sort through the bundle of words scribbled out on paper each time I take a final. Come Monday night at 6pm I’ll be dancing in the streets…. Oh just counting down the number of sleepless nights to follow… Praise God for caffeine and Vitamin B supplements (that’s for you dad).


One Reply to “Sleepyhead”

  1. you don’t understand…I need an Annie blog fix! I feel like such a looser everytime I go to your space for an Annie entry and all I get is the first subtitle “Sleepyhead” Enough! Write ON!

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