My Crazy Cousin

Just wanted to alert you all of my cousin’s 2 year adventures riding the spine of the Americas with two companions. Starting in the Northernmost tip of Alaska and ending at the tip of South America, Jacob and two buddies are cycling endless roads with incredible adventures. If you want a good read that seems nearly fiction, go to their website: and read their stories… You’ll read of wolf chases and raw egg nutrition, wrong turns and guardian angel truckers… I’m so proud 😉


2 Replies to “My Crazy Cousin”

  1. I think I would be a friend of your cousins if I met him. Man, riding such a distance has been a dream of mine for some time.
    My adventure for the summer was working as a councelor at a christian summer camp in Kenya w/ Gabe.
    I hope you are doing well.

  2. Annie:

    I found your blog whilst looking for more information about Jacob, Goat and Sean. I’ve read everything there is at As Jacob’s cousin, I guess you’re the closest thing I’ve found to the homebase coordinator — the boys’s Houston to their Eagle, so to speak.

    A few questions about the adventure…

    1. Is there anyone that they check in with regularly? I hestitate to say “daily” given what they’re doing, but is there someone who more or less always knows about where they are?

    2. Is anyone trying to rustle up media coverage for them? I would think that their quest for sponsorship could only be improved if someone back home is sending press releases to every local news paper, radio station and tv broadcaster along the trail starting about a week before they arrive. When they start getting newspaper writeups, the local tv coverage will follow shortly. When they get local tv coverage, it won’t be long before they get a shot on a national program. When they’re getting national press, some corporate entity is going to seek them out to sponsor them (at least to some degree) just to have their name/logo seen. Then again, that sort of help may be detestible to the Jacob, Goat and Sean.

    Along the same lines, somebody made some cool artwork in the form of the “Riding the Spine” logo (if you call it that). I was sort of suprised that there were no links on their site to buy RidingTheSpine tshirts, coffee mugs, etc…. One can imagine “buy this shirt for $32.00 and feel good about the profits supporting their adventure.” Or something like that. Then again, that sort of thing may be offensive to the boys.

    They do write on their site, “We have not been able to focus enough attention on aligning ourselves with a positive organization that would be interested in our support. Ever attempt so far has yielded absolutely no response. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering some time to make this work or if you have any contacts for us.”

    I’m not sure whether that means:

    (1) that they can’t decide what charity *they* want to support — presumeably by way of publicity, as in “We’re ‘riding the spine’ to raise awarness of the fight against [insert here: breast cancer, AIDs, Parkinson’s disease, stupidity in the whitehouse, etc.]

    (2) that they can’t find an organization which wants to sponsor them.

    It seems like a relative nobrainer that the nice folks at [insert here: PowerBars, ClifBars, REI, etc.] would like to outfit the boys with some clothes which say [corporate logo], plus supply some money and supplies, on the chance that they’ll be wearing those clothes when they’re next photographed and interviewed.

    If they don’t have a homebase person who’s trying to do these things for them, then it’s just a darn shame. Then again, they could be independently wealthy and don’t need the help. Or maybe their pride cuts against any help but that given by real people, not corporations.

    I am really amazed by them. I hope that they do more frequent postings on their progress. I’ve half a mind to head out to New Mexico (closest point of their path to me) when they pass through and buy them a steak (or tofu, whatever) and a shower.

    Gray S.

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