This Time

The empty apartments we left held many memories for us. Closing the door and turning in the keys to our old apartments meant the official end of college life. Each box carried down to our small sedans reminded of meals shared with friends, late night conversations with roommates, Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit with 101 v. 310, scooter rides and church meetings, all-nighters and exams, walks to Starbucks for hours of studying, precious and few solitary moments, midnight praise and worship, and everything in between.

Like an 8 page english paper due at 8 in the morning with only two pages written by 11:00pm, JD and I found ourselves in our separate apartments with barely anything packed at 4:00pm with a mandate to be out by 6:00pm (we both live in the same apartment complex). To top it off, our roommates had already left so we were on our own to trudge through the remaining dishes, trash, unclaimed linens, and food. At 5:00am we finished and drove to very temporary homes. JD is staying on the floor of a friend’s place and I am living with my roommates on a couch. It was emotional for us… our eyes misted as we closed the door to the life we knew so well.

And for a couple months at least, in this very wierd transition time, we won’t know anything really… Where we’re going, when we’re going… We find ourselves praying together daily, sometimes more than once, in our humble attempt to hear our God.

Today we polished our resumes and wrote a cover letter. Now it’s time to send them out… send them to churches anywhere and everywhere. Our hearts and minds are ready for action – ready to be thrown into the world of youth ministry as more than just volunteers. With Chap Clark in our back pockets, hearts shaped with experience, and R.O. and Mindy’s words of wisdom in our minds… and with the passion and desire given by the Holy Spirit, we seek to devote each day and night to serving the kingdom through ministering to youth. We love it. Never have either of us been more certain of the call and yet are completely unaware of the means or direction… In our attempts to discern, we have no choice but to surrender our own timelines, our biases and presumptions, and stand in this place – as awkward and hard and emotional and truthfully terrifying as it may be… we are called to patience and faith.


One Reply to “This Time”

  1. Annie…
    oh girl i miss you. it’s funny how things do change and we are forced to move on. this past week i moved out of the apartment i spent my last year in and the last of my college days in. it was a signal that it was really over. as eager as i was to move and get on with things i wanted to cling to the last remains of college life with a death grip. i know the Lord is good. He gives direction. I am praying for you both. i look forward to hearing where He leads 🙂 love you girl.

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