Season of Blessing

To be honest I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more celebrated or loved than in this season of my life. No doubt I’ve felt the grace and compassion of the body of Christ when I’ve gone through seasons of sorrow or sadness… but in this hour I just feel loved for who I am – not for the circumstances I’m in that might warrant encouragement, sympathy, and prayer – but just because God has placed people in my life who love me. Yesterday I attended my second bridal shower. Some of my bridesmaids and friends put it on for me in an adorable park nestled in the neighborhood just beyond UCLA. Old trees cornered the park and quaint paths weaved over mounds of well manicured grass. Our little corner was marked off with balloons, decorated chairs, flowers, tables with exquisite food (thanks Caitlin), a handmade bookcase for our book collection, and pictures of JD and I hanging from a tree. It literally took me off guard… all this work… in celebration of me and my upcoming marriage. And the people… old roommates, friends from out of town, current roommates, beloved high school friends… all there to bless me and send me in to this marriage with their love and support. The games were fun – not cheesy – just genuine good, personal, and relevant fun. Games that reflect who I am and who my friends are to me… Gifts were also fun – not too many details there… but oh isn’t marriage exciting?
After the shower Cait, Jen, and I went to Novel Cafe and talked for hours over cranberry iced tea and lattes. Just like old times… Reliving moments, updating each other on new ones, laughing about each other’s unique quirks that make us so fond of one another… Just sisters in Christ reveling in each other and in God’s goodness.
This morning I opened up the journal that the girls made for me and wrote in – all the guests wrote on pages throughout the journal – and of course I peaked. Reading the reflections and well wishes of such precious friends just struck in me how little of who they see is me. My response to their words is to feel nothing short of amazement. God uses me, loves me, blesses me, and moves me even when I feel like I’m in the dryest of deserts. I am overwhelmed.
Words really can’t say how grateful I am at this point. The blessings of my friends and family – both mine and JD’s just seems to big for me. I am literally left speechless because I don’t know how I can ever thank them enough for planning the wedding, showers, trips to New York, paying for our honeymoon, throwing me surprise showers, calling me to ask how they can help, taking over responsibilities of the bride just so I can spend more time with JD, making me bookshelves and rich food, writing notes and cards of encouragement with words that touch the core of my heart, and over all – just being super excited about this marriage that is so clearly ordained by the Lord. I can’t help but just be excited about the fact that in 40 days, I will marry the man of my dreams and have the support of the world behind me. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding present or life gift. So thank you those who pray, those who encourage, those who teach me, those who give gifts, those who sing songs, those who are generous… thank you. May God bless you in His great abundance as you have blessed me…


5 Replies to “Season of Blessing”

  1. STOP IT!
    How do you expect me to keep dry eyes at the wedding when I can’t even get thru two sentences of your words without cleansing my eyes, face and shirt with tears of love and joy.
    STOP IT!

  2. Annie, this is only a taste of the love that you and JD share with others. We are so happy to give you a piece of that, so you can feel what it’s like to be genuinely loved for who you are. We’re all so excited to see God use you and JD for His kingdom through your marriage. Love you girl!

  3. Yeah, we’re crying too! We pretty much decided your wedding is going to be a big tear fest…because you are just amazing babe and we love you so much! Can’t wait to see you again!

  4. i too am bawling my eyes out.
    the journey has been so wonderful… i actually met you when i was fifteen, and here you are! getting married in the most wonderful and perfect of circumstances, simply God ordained. i love you dearly annie b. (soon to be annie g)

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