This post actually has nothing to do with enchiladas. My mom made some for JD, my roommates, and I because JD and I are starting to get skinny due to being poor. Such is this moment in life. Still unsure of what the day after the honeymoon holds, we treck on – trying desperately to trust our Heavenly Father. The thing about the Call – which Jesus warns his disciples about – is the fact that earthly comfort and treasures may never be the condition of our lives (“the Son of Man has no place to lay His head”). Jesus necessarily demands our willingness to give up our lives… to let go of earthly ambitions. And in the very same breath, Jesus speaks of the lilies of the field and the birds of the air and how they are dressed finely and fed heartily… Seek First. His Kingdom. I don’t mean that everyone who follows Jesus will be poor… but there is something very relevant about Jesus’ words. And so as JD and I daily surrender our plans, our hopes, and all the details of life to God… as we choose to obey and follow His call – we wait and hope for the glory of the King.
Logistically this means we wait for God to provide temporary and very affordable housing in LA (or elsewhere if He calls us), jobs in ministry in which both JD and I are equally involved, and whatever else it is that happens in between. Weee!

Enchiladas are done.


2 Replies to “Enchiladas”

  1. Annie, it is refreshing to hear that though the way is unclear, you and JD are desiring to follow Christ, even if that road is rough. Thanks for the word, it shall act as an encouragement to me.
    Continue doing His will, and all of these shall be added.

  2. Annie, the Spirit has been leading me to ponder this topic as well lately. What does it mean to have enough? Though God doesn’t call us to be “poor”, it seems that He does want us to be free from bondage with earthly, material possessions. I posted on this topic a few days ago, check it out, maybe it will resonate with you as it has with me. Keep on trusting, sister. He will provide.

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