We Bought the Tickets, and They’re One Way

Saying good-bye is becoming the reality of our world. A couple weeks ago we bought the tickets to Kailua, HI for January 10, 2007. Now, as we pack up only about 1/3 of our belongings, the impending move is all we think about. “JD, do you think I should pack this book on the Reformation? What about the complete set of George Herbert’s poems? John Keats? My climbing gear? Maybe I’ll bring only 2 robes instead of 4…” Oh the joys of consolidating our simple lives into small boxes. I’ve now moved in to ‘throw everything away mode’ for fear that sweater will no longer be in style two years from now. It’s very odd to put some of our belongings away for a couple years. I mean, I’m really excited about our wedding dishes, but let’s be honest. They’re not going to make it to Hawaii – they’re going to sit in a storage shed. All moving obstacles aside, the move to Kailua is getting more and more exciting. We both feel like we’re in a place of obedience and are ready to start the next adventure.


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