Paradise, Ministry, and Cockroaches

JD and I flew to the Island of Oahu nearly two weeks ago and are starting to learn the ropes of life in Kailua, HI. Kailua is nestled on the southeast coastline of the island just next to a range of steep sloping lush mountains. Our tiny cottage, located on church property, boasts big window looking into our tiny yard of tropical plants (which we have nearly killed due to our lack of experience with plants – it’s like a small child). We truly live in paradise. Each day we walk out of our house, look at the sky, the mountains, the horizon, and say to ourselves… another beautiful day. Hawaiian life fits nicely with our active lifestyle as well; we’ve adapted to ocean swimming, kayaking, surfing, and are excited to go on one of the beautiful hikes in Kailua.

We can’t forget the reason we’re here, however. In the midst of paradise let us not forget that we are here as commissioned by the King. Faith Baptist has done more than its part in welcoming us into the church community. We were lei’d in the airport by the entire youth group upon arrival, and since then, we’ve begun building relationships with the kids and their family. The congregation has blown us away by giving us the necessities of living (cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, food, etc.) and by remodeling our once trashy cottage into a place we are glad to call home.

Well… except one minor thing. Kind of minor. Not really.

The cockroaches. Yes. Big ones. Not small. They fly. They are in our house. We have taken extreme measures against them. Home Defense. The Roach Motel: where roaches check in but they don’t check out. We meticulously check the bed and all the corners before snoozing (ok, JD does that for me). Here goes our first cockroach experience:

JD (down the hall): What?! What’s going on??!!?!
Me: (jumping up and down) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
JD: (now in the room with me) Babe stop! What are you screaming at?!!!
Me: (pointing at enormous cockroach in bathroom and now on top of the bed) EEEEEEEE!!!!
JD: (deep breath.) Oh boy. I have no idea how I’m going to kill this thing
Me: (get massive willies) KILL IT!!
JD: Uh… OK. Grab me one of those large plastic cups and a piece of paper. Oh boy. Killing bugs is not my thing
JD: BABE. You need to stop screaming. You’re freaking me out!
(slams cup on cockroach. cockroach splits in half. keeps moving).
JD: How is this thing still alive? Really?!
(slams cup on both parts, slides paper underneath. cautiously picks trap up and walks out the door. puts cup down. stomps on it as hard as he can. multiple times.)
Cockroach: dead.


7 Replies to “Paradise, Ministry, and Cockroaches”

  1. oh anne…this post seriously brought back so…SO many visions of our childhood. that screechy scream. i hear it perfectly in my mind. this post simply made me laugh. oh how i love you. i am glad that you have someone to kill bugs.

  2. Anne, Gosh the cockroach story reminded me of my first job out of college in Florida. I was so surprised that first night to feel a large cockroach walk over my leg when I was writing a note sitting on the floor. I detest cockroaches!! I am not sure I slept much those first 6 months. Always on the alert that the roaches not get in my ears. Boric acid (power form) is eventually effective though maybe not in as friendly a climate as Hawaii.
    Glad you and JD arrived safe and sound. You are both in our prayers!

  3. Julie – DO I HAVE TO GET STITCHES!??!!?!? Will you ever forget that?

    Eileen – so glad to see you visited the blog! I will look for boric acid in the hardware store next time we go. Glad to hear I’m not alone

  4. Oh Annie,
    I share your blog with the office staff and we all roar with laghter (you are your mother’s daughter)! Sorry about that (the girls are pretty happy it is you and not them…although they continually tell me they need to visit our customers in Hawaii, now that you live there you are an added bonus! You are loved and prayed for more than you know!

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