Better is One Day

We’ve entered the war zone…

Spiritual warfare looks a lot different in Hawaii. Because the root of the Hawaiian cult religion involve ancestor worship, wicca, etc. – satan’s activity is a lot bolder here. On the Mainland, satan manages to deceive people by making it look as if he is not present. Apathy, complacency, disruption among denominations, etc. Judeo-Christian culture masks the enemy’s seemingly subtle schemes.

In Hawaii it is not uncommon for spiritual warfare to look just like that – a battle. JD and I were in a staff meeting this morning and mentioned the lack of sleep we’ve been experiencing. Part of this stems from the fact that I have an imagination that could create Jurassic Park in my bedroom… nonetheless, visions of demons, fear of cockroaches and centipedes, strange sounds outside our bedroom, etc. have kept me from rest (which hinders my time in the Word since I usually spend my best time with the Lord in the morning). JD, because he shares a bed with me, also experiences lack of sleep. Anyhow, at the staff meeting this morning, we brought this up and our head pastor, Brad Barshaw, informed us that it wasn’t unusual for spiritual warfare to be especially heavy on the island. He, along with other staff members, mentioned different occasions they’ve experienced warfare and how it almost becomes a way of life. Brad suggested we pray over the cottage later that day – so we did.

And stepped into the front lines.

Now, I’ve had experience with spiritual warfare before – both at Calvin Crest and UCLA, so I feel like God has trained me to deal with this – but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Satan’s pissed.

After praying through the cottage, JD and I were unsuccessful at putting together the game we’d planned for the evening, got in a ridiculous fight, JD got a speeding ticket, and we found two (oh wait… another just crawled out from under our bed) – three more cockroaches in our BEDROOM tonight…

We prayed together tonight (for like the 5th time today) – and agreed in prayer that we’d rather have a day like today than live a thousand days smoothly. God has shown us His mercy and grace, and we rest upon the promises of His Word to protect, sustain, and strengthen us through this war zone.

Please pray for us. Pray for protection and for peace. Pray that fear would not set in and that our cottage would be a place of rest and a sanctuary. Pray for our ministry – that God would be glorified above all. Pray that His Holy Spirit would rest on this place, and on His people. Pray that our kids and staff would be protected. Pray for God’s protection in our marriage. Pray that God would send a spiritual force to destroy the enemy’s work here. And please pray that this would not take over our lives. God is way bigger than this, and the enemy would love nothing more than to make this the focus of our lives.

Blessings, friends.


One Reply to “Better is One Day”

  1. i love you friend. i will be praying for you. i miss you two terribly and can’t wait til we get to come and visit. good thing you’re taking care of the roach issue. i would react the same way you did. i would have probably run outside though. you are braver than i.

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