Boric Acid it is

We went to Hardware Hawaii the other day in search for the remedy to our roach problem (apparently our cottage was infested). Gary soon became our friend as he empathized with our troublesome roaches and claimed that only boric acid would get rid of them forever after just a couple days. Apparently, the boric acid kills the roaches; they crawl into the wall and die… and as Gary said, “those roaches aren’t real humane and they will just eat the dead ones. This produces a cycle of dead roaches and then they are gone.” Eileen, thank you for your advice – the boric acid is all over the crevices and cracks in our walls and we have yet to see another roach – which is a good thing, because I’ve developed turrets whenever I spot a roach… it’s become a signal for JD. I told our pastor this and he thought it was quite humorous. We have a good understanding 😉 …


2 Replies to “Boric Acid it is”

  1. Annie,
    Hope you find that boric acid works. Glad to hear you have it spread out. We always put in under our washer and drayer, refrigerator. water heater here in Bako. Even though, roaches are not a big problem here, if one makes it home with the groceries the boric acid will get to work. Boric acid is also effective on ants. However, our house is built on an ant mound and we have to spray chemicals every once in awhile to keep them under control.
    Hope you can now concentrate on other things!
    Your are both in our thoughts and prayers.

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