Morning Brew

Morning Brew offers a small sanctuary for my soul. As I sip my coffee and read Gladys Aylwards’ biography, thoughts of mission work amuse my mind. A bite of my scone and Dave starts playing through the coffee shop speakers. I am thankful for this blissful morning. The girl at the counter has kinky hair tied up in a head wrap. She wears funky clothes and adorns a nose ring. The color and texture of her hair indicate hours of surfing Hawaii’s shores. I plug in my earphones as some pop music spoils the mood. Thoughts of being in a far away place remind me of our trip to Colorado, my adventures in Europe, and the road trip to Seattle. In Hawaii now, but Hawaii is home. I reserve Morning Brew for special occasions; times when my heart needs revival and my soul craves creativity. I am working on my love relationship with Jesus. Exploring new ways of worship – the familiar quiet time has begun to dry my walk and God whispers that it might look different now. So I come here to rest, to read, and to write. My seat is prime for people watching. I enjoy the conversations buzzing all around me as I silently observe with music singing to my ears. I always wish I could wear funky clothes like the barista. But whenever I go shopping, I always seem to pick out the familiar solids. Today my shirt has orange splotches all over and I wear it underneath a green sweater… this is my only outfit that displays any flavor. I tried wearing a bandanna on my head the other day, but my husband looked at me a little funny and my self-consciousness got the better of me, even though he assured me it looked “fine” and I should darn well wear whatever I want. Another day I suppose… or maybe we’ll move to the North Shore where anything goes. Glance at the oh so Hawaiian paintings on the wall, a bit modern for my taste, and think about the painting class Anita told me about. Every Saturday I could sit in a class and learn to paint the palms, islands, and waves that now color my world. I’m thinking about it. For now I’m content with my coffee, laptop, and book…


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