Grandpa Toad & Rad Night

The prelude to 80s night (Rad night) looked a little something like this:

I was putting on the finishing touches of blue eyeliner and pink lipstick when I see my phone vibrating on the bathroom counter.

Annie, it’s JD. We are running a little bit late. Do you mind unlocking the youth room and turning on the lights? Oh, and can you plug in your computer and play 80s music until we get there? We’ll be right there.
Um sure, no problem. See you in a bit.

I hang up the phone and quickly throw up a side pony with plenty of hairspray, grab the office keys, and dash out the door with my newly puffy-painted flats. One volunteer has shown up already so we get the room ready together, waiting for Sean and JD to show up with the BBQ. Again, my phone rings.

Annie, it’s me again. The car’s on fire.
Excuse me?
Yeah, we saw a lot of smoke and then when we opened the hood there were actual flames. We don’t have a fire extinguisher so the fire truck is on its way.
Wait, what?! Really?! No way!
(slight chuckle), Yeah. We’ll be there soon. Do you hear the fire sirens?
Yes!!! Ok see you soon...

I hung up the phone and had a minor laughing fit as I relived the conversation with the rest of our volunteer staff. Our car was due any moment to turn into flames. We couldn’t drive 3 miles without the hood smoking, regardless of how much fluid we put into the car. After seeing a mechanic, we were told that our car was the equivalent to an 80 year old man and would require a lot of TLC until it finally died. Well, driving it was like driving Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride so we affectionately called the truck “Grandpa Toad.” Apparently, Grandpa Toad croaked tonight…

The rest of the evening was spent listening to 80s jams, eating BBQ, and playing Tetris with our high school kids… All the while listening to Sean and JD retell their version of seeing Grandpa Toad catch on fire and calling the fire department, only to have the fire naturally go out before the fire truck actually arrived.

Despite the fact that we are now without a car, the night was pretty genius. Here are some photos to give you a visual of our radical outfits and fun:

Upper left: Jess and I in the kitchen
Upper right: Becca and Jessica in 80s attire
Mid left: Pete and Jeff rocking the air hockey
Mid right: Sean and JD sporting mustaches and heinous 80s get up
Bottom left: Me, JD, Sean, and Jess – youth staff and friends


5 Replies to “Grandpa Toad & Rad Night”

  1. Ok first- I really laughed out loud when I read about the car. Awesome! Second- you look adorable. Third- I love what you guys are doing. So commendable. Even with the eighties ‘dos. 😉

  2. Thanks Leisel!! Yes we were actually so glad the car was cooked – driving it was like driving a time bomb. And we really like what’s going on too. Life is so exciting right now 🙂

  3. girl. a few things. one i think that the idea that your kids and you all could be “hippie christians” is perfect, i just think that you should be bold about it. don’t apologize for those ideas. i think you’re right. and i am so pleased that you are in this ministry, you are thinking pro actively, and your want for abundance in these kids lives is evident. it’s clear that you are where you are supposed to be.

    also…i really hope that you remember the “R.A.D. zone” sign on the wall that was colored electrical tape.

  4. ptay and i were talking about the two of you (we watched jd’s blogs and laughed) and how you make being married look like fun and maybe we shouldn’t talk to you two anymore because then we want to be married…. but then we talked about how we missed you guys so much and wish you lived here… or maybe that we lived in your guest room. love you!!!

  5. Jules – Thanks for the encouragement sis. We’re truly working on it – dreaming it up and excited to see it happen. And wow. I completely forgot the R.A.D. Zone in the red electric tape. Incredible. Do you remember The Rad Challenge which actually just manifested itself into dozens of nights spent TPing other homes?!

    K.Hat – live in our guest room! That would be amazing. We miss you a lot too. And being married is fun. It’s an adjustment at times – but I would say we probably spend most of our time laughing together. It’s great. 😉

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