Good Friday Highlights

Tonight was probably my favorite night of ministry thus far… And one in which I felt the most unprepared, sicker than a dog, and completely overwhelmed – right up to the moment worship started and I stood up to speak…. After the message, we gave the students an opportunity to walk through some prayer stations we had set up: confession, joy & thanksgiving, feet-washing, and a station with mirrors that had a cross painted in the middle of them so they could look at their reflection through the lens of the cross. Here are some highlights of Good Friday:

1) My husband washed my feet
2) A dear 8th grade girl told me that she wanted to be a pastor some day but that she was worried because “our church doesn’t allow women pastors”… you can’t imagine the smile that crept into my heart just then…
3) A seventh grade girl washed my feet with a beautiful smile
4) JD and I adopted a girl, Oriana, from the Dominican Republic through Compassion International
5) I washed my husband’s feet and prayed for him
6) Watching an older brother (a leader) wash his brother’s feet and then vice/versa – and hug afterwards
7) One of our leaders obeyed a felt call to pray scripture over the entire group
8) Kids engaged in prayer and reflection
9) The cup of tea my friend Bethany made for me because I am sick
10) Grabbing coffee and smoothies with Jill this morning
11) Watching my grandma and mom laugh like school girls
12) Coming home from youth group at 9:50 pm and eating home made strawberry shortcake that my mom and grandma surprised us with
13) Looking at all the curtains and pillows my grandma made for us today
14) Having the opportunity to talk to 5 of my dearest friends from the Mainland in one phone call
15) Knowing that this day is the day the Lord has made and it is good.


One Reply to “Good Friday Highlights”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to list the joys of your life (for one day). Those moments of ministry and personal life are so often lost in the complexities of being “Martha’s”. However, spending time being “Mary” is oh so sweet. Happy Easter everyone. May the God Annie and J.D. serve be made evident in our lives as well.

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