Some happy things

A snipit…

JD and I had a great half anniversary (6 months and we’re still writing thank you cards)… We went to North Shore, spent a couple hours at the organic coffee shop in Hale’iwa reading Berry and Kerouac, walked around the quaint little town, and finished the day with margaritas and Mexican food at Cholos. We really enjoy being married. Aside from the occasional heated discussions about proper dishwasher loading, we have a blast together.

AND my brother is going to attend the University of Hawaii in the fall!


One Reply to “Some happy things”

  1. I’m so stoked for you and your brother! That’ll be so amazing to be on the island together! One of Brian’s groomsmen, Lou (who’s also getting married, next year), went to UH for 2 of his last years of school. If Pat has questions, I’m sure he’d love to help him out. Love you girl!

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