Annie Groves

I’m not alone! I just googled my new name to see if the world wide web knows me as a married woman yet, and lo and behold – I discovered an established writer named Annie Groves who has published several novels, including the one on the left.

A few months after getting married, my friend Jen said to me, “Annie Groves… hey that is a great pen name!” I happened to agree and we had a small discussion of how cool it would be to see “Annie Groves” on the cover of a book (mostly just because we were excited about name changes) … except it’s already being used! Not sure what I’m going to do if I ever publish a book… are names copyrighted? Anne Groves… not so much I’m afraid. Anne C. Groves perhaps – though I’m not sure I will publish something scholarly anymore. Annie Burdette-Groves? Maybe I’ll just become Hawaiian or Japanese or Spanish and go by Ana Groves or something.

Of course, this all falls under the assumption I ever sit down to write a book that might someday get published (chances slim I’m afraid)… But still! This discovery perturbs me a bit. I liked my romantic little fantasy of publishing a book someday with the pen name Annie Groves. Now I know the name is attached to girly fiction novels that look like the adult version of American Girls or Anne of Green Gables (my favorites growing up, by the way – can’t knock Anne of Green Gables, my all time hero).

Ah well, now I can be a poser. When people look at my ID in the grocery store and ask, “You’re Annie Groves?” I can proudly (or not so proudly, I haven’t read her books) nod my head and smile, “why yes, yes I am. It is an absolute delight to meet you…” (isn’t that what you think she’d say based on looking at her selection?) 🙂

Weird. This is all too weird. On a positive note, JD just bought a Weber BBQ and we’re having tri tip tonight!!!


4 Replies to “Annie Groves”

  1. First- not a slim chance you’d get published. You’re a talented writer, Annie. Second- Based on the cover I would imagine the woman to be a lonely, middle-aged woman fantasizing about tragic love stories….VERY unlike the gorgeous little self that you are. You’ll write compelling books too, I’m sure of it….

  2. i agree with leis….and i feel your peturbedness…there’s at least one if not more amy bogans out there…i’ve google too.

  3. well i don’t have any tragic love-sick woman stealing my name. (but honestly, if you’re going to get your name taken…at least she’s a character. not some boring ol’ sap)
    i just have (many? one?) women in england. shifty though…when i was there no one ever had any problems pronouncing my last name. hummmm..
    but i think the woman (at least one of them) seems to be involved in the british school system in some way, or something…i didn’t really have much heart to find out. she wasn’t holding my attention.

  4. Leisel – You are too kind… Thank you 😉

    Amy – haha weird to feel ownership of a new name and then find others have claimed it …

    Julie – Oldroyd. Well at least it’s unique in the states? Except yes… hard to pronounce. People think I am saying Gross or Grozz when I tell them my last name.

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