like a good foot washing

It pours outside. Fall approaches late in Hawaii, but it sends signals of its arrivals periodically in this September month. We wait in anticipation.

Leaves don’t change, here. The Island air cools slightly, rains come steadily, and the air darkens. But leaves stay green. In this pocket of the Pacific Ocean, Fall changes the waves, the swells of the sea. Rather than orange and red and yellow, Hawaii sends waves higher than three of me standing on tip toe. Soon, the North Shore will take on a completely different atmosphere, as surfers from all over the world congregate to ride this season’s waves.

This season brings me to a place of peace. Two weeks of peace, thus far, and I sit in amazement at the Lord’s provision through perseverance and desert storms.

Foot Washing

Last week I spoke to our sweet junior high students about Jesus’ command to wash each other’s feet. We didn’t do a foot washing, because, well, while I appreciate and love foot washing ceremonies – it seems they become purely ceremonial and less about Jesus’ command to do what He did. I deeply love the symbolism attached to washing each other’s feet, but my challenge to our students this week was less about ceremony and more about the heart. Washing feet was as common in Jesus’ time as taking off your slippers before entering a home here in Hawaii. It was different because it was a servant’s job, but the commonality and custom is the same. We talked about washing each other’s feet in 2007 and what that might look like for a jr. high student. I’ve been thinking about what it looks like for me.

These weeks have been like a good foot washing. Friends, emails, God’s provision wash me like soapy water and a towel to the feet. Some examples:

  • peace that calms deep fears
  • an email from a friend with kind, encouraging words
  • coffee in the early morning with my friend jess
  • a donated car, when gloria was becoming too hard to drive over the pali twice a week
  • a message from one of my grade school friends encouraging me to keep writing
  • a surfaced desire, one i didn’t know was there, or perhaps forced to suppress
  • my husband’s daily love and tenderness toward me
  • confidence in prayers
  • rain

Of course there are more examples, some with repetition that God gives me on a consistent basis, some I’m just discovering, others that have always been there.

May this Fall be a season of cleansing, refreshment, and peace to your soul.

Enjoy the new leaves as they color the branches on your daily walk or commute to work. Breathe the crisp air, drink tea, and my goodness, please watch lots of football.


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