“just you wait”

It seems like these past few weeks have run the gamut of possible ministry – life scenarios. I haven’t written much because, well, life is CRAZY right now. JD enters the playoff season in football, we direct TWO, not one, but TWO ministries, and I commute twice a week to town for physical therapy, which is both time consuming and painful – not to mention expensive.

I think life might let up in the spring… mostly because when I create the calendars for jr. high and high school, my goal is to not drive my husband and I to the point of contemplating running to the arms of Jesus in the pearly gates at the age of 23/24.

My question of the day:

Why do church people (often church ladies) and strangers find sudden impulses to warn young people of the impending doom of their future?

For instance, why would a lady I just met, who goes to our church, ask me, “you don’t have any children yet do you?” No, I sure don’t. “Well just wait. You think you’re tired now – you won’t get sleep for years. And then when they sleep through the night, you have to cart them around to soccer practice and school plays!!! Yeah, you just wait – your life is over” … um.. ok? Thanks for the advice? I think I’ll go cut out my uterus now?

Or the time Caitlin and I sat in a coffee shop when I was engaged and a cranky stranger, recently divorced, tried with all his might to convince me that marriage is worthless and I should break my engagement, “worst decision you will ever make. Wait until you’re at least 30.” … really?!

I can’t tell you how often I hear the words “just wait until you have kids… you’ll see” or, in the case of my good friend J, “do you know how hard it is to have two babies? you won’t rest for years!” in a tone of voice only intended to instill fear into the lives of young marrieds who might otherwise want to experience God’s call to “be fruitful and multiply in number” in the area of making babies.

Maybe that’s why I call my mom every other day to ask if being a mom is really as bad as the church ladies make it sound…

disclaimer: not pregnant. not trying. just wondering why people feel the need to give their opinions to strangers.


6 Replies to ““just you wait””

  1. I really don’t feel like it’s that hard. Maybe I’m the oddball, but I enjoy being a mom. Life changes, schedules change and sometimes I’m tired, but not too much more often than before I had Aubrey. Don’t be discouraged by negativity…some people are just NEGATIVE! You’ll be a great mom, you’ll enjoy it (just like you’re enjoying marriage =) ) and you’ll learn how to pace yourself. Honestly I can’t think of any negative changes in my life since Aubrey came, only positive ones 🙂

  2. Jules – I dislocated my knee cap about a month or so ago. It’s not really healing like I hoped.

    Barbie – you’re so sweet. I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your little one. thanks for the insight 😉

  3. Oh Annie…you make me smile. This freaking sucks but you write about it so humorously…thank you. I really don’t get why people say stuff like that either– I love the one when someone said “L you look really young for your age, but just wait— one day you’ll wake up and you’ll look and feel really, really, old.”

    Um. Thanks. Ugh.

  4. yeah! I forgot about that man haha.. priceless.
    the most interesting part is was he expecting you to listen? Or was it his chance and getting the last word in a “I told you so”…
    Our response:
    walk down the street, order 2 huge orders of blueberry pancakes and talk more about your love

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I love feeling apart of your life still. It is so much fun to see where you are and reading all about your life and how crazy it is!!!!! LOL…so I was thinkin and I have no idea the time difference. All I know is that we are three hours ahead of Cali and I think Cali is two hours ahead of you so that means I am like 5 hours ahead you. Now that is crazy!!!! I am ready for a phone chat anytime…the weekends are the best since I am home during that time. Yea for long distance friends.

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