a date over magazines

We walked into Borders and headed straight to the newsstand. Normally we like to browse through books of our favorite authors, but in the name of saving money, we agreed to a magazine each, and started there. I circled the newsstand several times, looking to purchase a creative, inspiring magazine.

JD and I decided to start submitting random articles to magazines, hoping that somewhere along the way – some poor editor might find it worth a bit of extra income. It’s a long shot – yes, but we figured we might as well try. In the near future, prepare to read blog entries written in the dark corners of a library.

I should mention here that I have the inability to pursue wise, attainable goals. For nine hours yesterday, I decided it was time to get my M.A. in English. It started shortly after discussing the idea of submitting articles to magazines. In the car, I mentioned to JD that I really wish I could finish my minor in English – to which he suggested I try for a second bachelor’s degree. Two hours later it turned into a MA with an emphasis in creative writing and I was on UH’s website looking at grad programs. My impromptu dream began to fizzle as I read the requirements and remembered that I suck at Shakespeare, I can’t write fiction to save my life, and while I want to write for the rest of my life, I do not want to become a writer. Visions of cigarettes, coffee, isolated cabins, and shaky hands began to swirl through my head and I quickly shut the computer. Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.

After picking through several magazines in Border’s, and walking by JD thirteen times, I decided writing magazines freak me out, I have no use for bridal magazines, my subscription to Real Simple is on it’s way, and I feel guilty purchasing gossip. Just as thoughts of “I will never find a magazine I can identify with, therefore, never write for” began to fill my mind, I walked over to JD and grabbed an old favorite. JD took his magazine and we walked over to the check out.

I chose Climbing magazine and JD picked out Backpacker.

We read our magazines over a mocha at Starbucks.

And then I realized life is pretty good right now. My husband picked up Backpacker magazine. We might go camping for our anniversary next weekend (prepare for a sentimental ridiculously romantic posting in about 7 days).


One Reply to “a date over magazines”

  1. You should get the Writer´s Market. Gives you all the background on magazines and what they are looking for (i.e. many are open to new writers, whereas Outside and Backpacker generally seek established writers).
    Anyways… i enjoy your writing…sure others would as well.

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