Blue Angels over my head

Blue Angels have been flying over our sky for three days now. At the sound of the roar, every staff person in the office rushes outside to watch… um… really cool planes fly in different air formations. If people were watching from outer space I think they would just follow wherever the Blue Angels are performing just to laugh at the gawking heads that run in and out of buildings every three minutes. I think JD and I might go to a park today to watch the show, or not – it’s our first Saturday off in two months!!!!


One Reply to “Blue Angels over my head”

  1. Annie! the blue angels..i saw the same but listen to this..

    i was out surfing at bowls and it was a beautiful day. like always pretty much. but the angels were flying directly over the lineup it was the coolest thing ever being far out in the ocean with a small group of surfers and having the jets fly right over head sometimes scary close. it was amazing. hard to describe how great it really was but it was siiiick.

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