Halloweens Past…

Tonight our church will host a “Harvest Festival” carnival where children will eat God’s candy and throw balls at a dunk tank. It should be pretty great – I’m thankful for the break and change of pace for the week. For a special Halloween treat for you all – let’s recap on a few of Anne Catherine’s finest costumes growing up…

My poor parents always let me choose my Halloween costume, resulting in this:

– 5th grade: peasant girl. with dirt smeared all over my face. and hideous peasant boots that i wore on a daily basis, purchased from the goodwill.

– 6th grade: fat hobo. not a skinny hobo, but a stuffed, very large 6th grade hobo with coffee grinds for a beard. my trick or treat bag hung from a stick and i talked like a man.

-7th grade: dead hippie. not a live one, a dead one. with white hair.

Aren’t most girls supposed to be pretty and all done up for Halloween?! No, Not this girl. As grungy and unconventional as possible please. I did the angel, ballerina, bride thing when I was young – bring on the dirt and colored hair spray. Of course – my favorite past time with cousin Julie was to pretend we were lost in the wilderness with nothing to eat but those little poisonous berries and leaves and tell sob stories of missing our families…

My brother, on the other hand, often let my mom and dad dress him – and he had some great outfits. A knight wrapped in tin foil, a football player, and my all time favorite – a bunch of grapes.l_2310b347930787d498a77f4e86dcffd6.jpg

Oh yes – and this was my bride, awkwardly short haircut phase…


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