potato chips and the bible

I am going to try to write something on my blog every day (or at least every other), because I won’t become a better writer unless I write all the time. Guess what, you all get to be my guinea pigs and readers of first drafts. Woo hoo! However, because I am going to try to write more, the quality of the blog entry might be a little lamer, since deeper thoughts usually strike oh, about twice a month or so.

Tonight, I give you this:


Maui Style potato chips might just get the best of me. It’s a full on addiction, and I really can’t get enough of that salty, crunchy goodness.

Secondly, I have decided that the Book of James is quickly moving up the scale of my favorite books of the Bible. This is why: James straight up tells you how to live like Jesus calls us to live. It’s like taking one of the Gospels and Jesus’ life, and turning it into a letter of how to live like you really love Jesus. Take care of the poor. Don’t play favorites. Watch your mouth. Take care of the poor. Trust God. Show people you love Jesus not by bumper stickers and Christian pop music but by digging in deep and loving people through the mess. Take care of the poor. You know, be like Jesus…


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