An Exercise Guru I am NOT

Yesterday I decided that potato chips had, in fact, gotten the best of me. Three months without consistent exercise because of a knee injury has left me thinner than ever, not because I am fit – but because ALL of my muscles have completely depreciated!!! Grosssss….

After spending inordinate amounts of time in our recliner, I decided to get off my lazy butt, put the potato chips away, and go for a walk. I enlisted JD and Rowdy in the adventure and we walked to the park across the street. The park was full of toddling children and their parents, dog owners, and grandparents. We looked around and sat on the bench before trying some serious exercise – which for me consisted of jogging slowly to the other side of the park. Once. JD and Rowdy decided to run sprints together as my weary legs wobbled across the thick grass. Luckily for me, the park is equipped with a workout area and I began doing push ups and step ups while the boys ran. At one point, Rowdy came sprinting toward me, without a leash. JD yelled for me to catch him (right, on my little legs) as he dashed to the nearest stranger. As it turns out, while JD was running, Rowdy ran right in front of JD and JD fell, all 250 pounds of him, snapping our leash in half. Rowdy was carried the rest of the way home.

I was feeling so good after 20 crunches and 5 push ups that I decided it was time to bust out some pilates. I spend Thursday nights with my friend Jess, so I called to see if she wanted to get crazy with workout videos. I brought my rolled up yoga mat and a belly full of spicy pad thai, and we sat down to exercise. It was miserable. I generally find pilates pretty easy to do – but this time, I spent most of the time laughing hysterically at my inflexibility and lack of strength. “That’s right, lift that leg straight up,” says the instructor. I look down at my leg that is permanently bent at a disturbing angle and sigh. Not gonna happen. It didn’t help that my dinner kept saying hello. “Ten more, you can do it!” The crazy lady screams through the television and I scream back, “No I can’t!!! It hurts! You don’t understand crazy lady!” Needless to say, I did about 1/4 of the workout and still woke up with a sore bum.

This is going to be fun… I hate starting over.

Wish me luck…


3 Replies to “An Exercise Guru I am NOT”

  1. Hahahah….I am having the same problem. I am out of breath just climbing the three stories of stairs at my apartment. What happened? Anyways, you are adorable and look amazing even if your muscles are gone!!!!

  2. If only I could lose weight. I remember the first time I tried to run after having Aubrey. It was like my body didn’t even know how. It was hard!

    Good luck with getting in shape…sound like your dog will keep you going 🙂

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