sometimes it’s just like that.

If I didn’t want to work today, I wouldn’t have:

1) opened my laptop

2) answered the phone

3) walked out the door.

Sometimes Saturdays become unexpected workdays and all I can do is crawl back into bed and take a very long nap. This is ministry.

It gives me great joy to remember that I am called here. Earlier today I was having a homesick spell, sad that many of our friends are at least in roadtrip distance and able to see each other more often. Sad that families are far away. And then I remembered that ministry in Hawaii is very similar to life in the mission field, on foreign soil. Different culture, an ocean in between worlds, people being people but differently than I’m used to… And let’s face it… we probably wouldn’t be as effective right now if we were surrounded by home.
Still making disciples. Still a call. Definitely an adventure.

Looking forward to five straight months of visitors – although no one has February… Any takers? 🙂


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