Living in their world

My head is finally lifting above water as things begin to resolve.

The air is clearing and we wait for redemption.

“It doesn’t get much worse than this in ministry,” a pastor tells me.

I can’t imagine that it could.

I won’t give you details on the world wide web, but I will say that this has been an experience to stretch and grow me. Another chance to shrug off my people pleasing tendencies and look toward the face of Heaven for worth and validation. I think I grew an extra layer of skin these past few days… But with thicker skin must also come more grace, more compassion, and a deeper affection for the brokenhearted.

More than ever, I am pleased to be an advocate for teens in a world where adults quickly lose interest in developing relationships with adolescents. Our teens live in a world unbeknownst often to the most astute adult. I am glad to sit on the surface of their world, pray for their hearts, and love their souls.

And let’s be honest… teenagers are just great! Last night I drove high school students to three different homes for our progressive dinner, watched an eager 7th grader throw a pie in JD’s face, and wrapped a frozen turkey in cling wrap for kids to bowl into trash cans. Does it get better than that?!


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